This site has been closed by Ralph Lauren Corporation for the sale of counterfeit merchandise.

Ralph Lauren is the sole and exclusive owner of numerous premium lifestyle brands, including but not limited to, ("Polo Ralph Lauren", "Polo by Ralph Lauren", "Chaps", "RRL", "Polo Sport", "RLX", "Pink Pony" and "Ralph").

The website formerly housed under this domain has been removed pursuant to court order or UDRP arbitration award for selling counterfeit Ralph Lauren merchandise. Counterfeiting is an illegal criminal enterprise which tricks consumers into believing they are getting a good deal on the real thing when they are actually buying fake products that do not carry the high quality standards they have come to expect from Ralph Lauren. Counterfeiting also harms Ralph Lauren and the US economy, through lost revenue, jobs and taxes. Counterfeiting on the internet is especially harmful, as counterfeiters copy photographs and graphics from our official site to make it appear that there sites are selling genuine goods.

Be advised that authentic Ralph Lauren merchandise may only be purchased directly from Ralph Lauren or its approved retail stores or distributors. Ralph Lauren merchandise obtained from other sources is likely counterfeit or stolen property.

To learn more click here. To report counterfeits, please send an email to [email protected].
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